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Tooth whitening

What is the At Home Tooth whitening?

The system involves having impressions taken. We make bleaching trays from these impressions. At the second visit we fit custom made trays and show you how to use them. Typically, you wear the trays for 14-21 nights and you will see results in as little as 2 days. Your natural shade may lighten by as much as 4 shades. The dentist will record a starting shade, making it easier to keep a track of the shade change. It is advised to keep the trays for future top ups.

Is at Home Teeth Whitening suitable for everyone?

Teeth whitening does not whiten crowns, veneers and fillings. So if you have many of these at the front of your mouth they may not blend very well post whitening. We will advise of any potential issues before we undertake whitening.

You also need to have healthy teeth and gums before embarking on whitening procedures, again, we will advise of you of any treatment needs beforehand.

Is it harmful to the teeth?

No, professionally done teeth whitening is quite safe and does no harm to your teeth.

Does it hurt?

Teeth whitening can cause sensitivity during treatment but this is usually well managed with desensitising agents like toothpaste. Any sensitivity experienced will resolve within a few days of completion of treatment.

In Office Tooth whitening.

This procedure takes about an hour in the dental chair and will normally yield more conservative results than with the Take Home Tooth whitening. This is because the effect of tooth whitening agents is directly proportional to the amount of time it is on the tooth. The gel is activated just before putting it unto the teeth so it is most potent as an oxidising and whitening agent. The gel is then changed every 20 minutes. The in-Office Tooth whitening procedure will lighten the tooth shade by 1-2 shade normally. The benefits of whitening in-office is that results are had quickly which is advantageous if one wants to enhance their smile for an upcoming occasion and may not have the time to whitening over a more protracted period of time

In Office Tooth whitening can also be carried out just before starting a course of At Home Tooth whitening for even more stunning results.